FUORISERIEHUB is an “Original” Digital Printing Laboratory in which “ custom -made” designs are created and fabrics are printed!

The inspirations of the drawings are the result of study, observations, photographs and research of fashion and colors.

FUORISERIEHUB is linked to traditions and places and is committed to creating a network of relationships with "non-approved" people to spread the culture of uniqueness and originality.

The project is by Agostino Vitolo, designer born in Naples in 1966. Since he was a child he has cultivated his passion by designing unique models of all kinds: furniture, lamps and jewels.

In 2017 FUORISERIEHUB was born from the need to share his passion for creativity and manual skills!

Our Values are:

Work at the service of man and the community;

work as a tool to express and share one's talents.

Our Mission is:

Meet and train new out of series against homologation;

Create a network of people who share the same interests and goals.

In the FUORISERIEHUB space, both own designs and designs created with customers are printed.

Our service offers:

- a wide range of designs;

- a graphics service for the creation of new designs;

- a color variation service;

- a fabric search service based on the customer's needs.

We print with INKJET technology and use water-based inks on:

- natural fibers with direct printing, with reactive or acid colors, which allows printing on cotton, linen, wool, silk, viscose and many others;

- synthetic fibers with sublimation printing that allows printing on polyester.

INKJET printing has the following characteristics:

it guarantees high definition, a very high number of printable colors, the reproduction of delicate shades, the printing of small quantities, the reproduction of large drawings.

FUORISERIEHUB accompanies the customer from the research of the design and the fabric to the printing, also makes use of the collaboration of external laboratories for the production of many finished products.

The philosophy of Fuori Serie is

Color the world by doing beautiful things together!

Agostino Vitolo